Chennai's Travel Anatomy

My blog is about the Chennai city in south India. It is an attempt to provide a glimpse about the city that includes the must visit attractions in the city, a lazy weekend gateways from the Chennai such as Pondicherry,Auroville, Mahabalipuram ,Tranquebar and kanchipuram & an insight into the Tamil civilization.



Matrumandir-Auroville-pudduchery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

about auroville,planet earththe  sprit of auroville

must read for every one.

Presentation about auroville: auroville is an universal town located  breeze away from the pondycherry.

Based on the work and inspiration of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, Auroville is intended as a site for the manifestation of human unity in diversity, a testing ground and laboratory for the next step in human evolution.

Inaugurated 28th February 1968 when youth representing 128 countries and all Indian States placed earth from their native places in an urn near site of Matrimandir, symbolizing the creation of a city dedicated to human unity and International understanding.

Auroville, “The City of Dawn”, is planned for 50,000inhabitants. It is located on a low-lying plateau in south east India, a few kilometers north of Pondicherry. At the centre stands Matrimandir, “the soul of Auroville”, a place for quiet reflection and concentration. Radiating out, beyond the Matrimandir Gardens, will be four zones – the industrial (north), cultural (north east), residential (south/ southwest) and international (west). Surrounding the city area will be an forested green belt.


Those wishing to see the matrimandir, the Amphitheatr garden yhey must first obtain a pass at the visitor’s center, which is issued mon –sat 9.45am – 1 pm and 2pm- 4.30pm, Sunday 9.45am -1pm only. The pass is only for viewing MM form outside Mon –Sat 10am-5pm, Sunday10-1pm

Mediation in inner chamber should only be booked after a visit to the gardens. For this, book at visitors center 10am- 11am or 2-3pm phone Matri mandir access office 2pm-3pm

Note:  No visit to Matri Mandir garden viewing point will be allowed without a pass, which must be collected before 12.30 daily or before 4.30pm Mon –sat.

Contact Information Services: 0413:2622239, 3205382 & 2622268




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